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Thanks to emergency dentistry, it’s possible to minimize the side effects of oral trauma, tooth decay, and painful abscesses. At Urrutia Family Dental, Dawson Urrutia, DMD, offers a comprehensive suite of emergency dental services, including pain management, restorations, and root canal therapy. To make an appointment at the practice in Alma, Arkansas, call or schedule online today.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry treats potentially serious oral health problems. If you lose a permanent tooth or develop a painful toothache, don’t wait to seek treatment. The sooner you contact Urrutia Family Dental, the sooner you can take steps to preserve your smile. 

What conditions can emergency dentistry treat?

Urrutia Family Dental offers emergency dentistry to treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Severe toothaches
  • Fractured and chipped teeth
  • Oral abscesses
  • Foreign objects lodged between the teeth
  • Damaged or lost dental restorations
  • Injuries to the tongue, cheeks, and lips
  • Bleeding that won’t stop

You might also benefit from emergency dentistry if you play contact sports and get hit in the mouth or fracture your jaw.

How can I minimize pain while waiting for emergency dental care?

If you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency, contact Urrutia Family Dental immediately. When you speak with the administrative staff, explain the events leading up to your injury, if applicable, or the severity of your symptoms. If possible, the team gets you in for an appointment on the very same day.

If they’re unable to get you in right away, the administrative staff can provide recommendations to minimize your discomfort, like applying an ice pack to your cheek or taking over-the-counter pain medication.

What steps should I take if I need emergency dental care?

The steps you should take if you need emergency dental care depend on the underlying issue. 

Broken dental restoration

If you break a dental restoration, like a bridge or a crown, carefully pick up the pieces and rinse them off in tap water. After removing any debris, put the pieces into a plastic bag or wrap them in a piece of foil, and contact Urrutia Family Dental. 

Knocked-out permanent tooth

If you lose a permanent tooth as a result of trauma, carefully pick it up and rinse off the crown in tap water. Try to put your tooth back in the socket, but if it moves around, place it in a glass of milk. After securing your tooth, call Urrutia Family Dental.  

Tooth infection

If you develop a tooth infection, Urrutia Family Dental might recommend immediate root canal therapy. This procedure removes the pulp from the center of your tooth, preventing the need for an extraction.

Is there any way to reduce the risk of a dental emergency?

The easiest way to reduce the risk of a dental emergency is to practice good oral hygiene. Urrutia Family Dental recommends you brush and floss twice daily and visit the office every six months for professional teeth cleaning and an oral exam.

To minimize the potential for chips, cracks, or otherwise damaged teeth, avoid bad habits like biting your nails, opening plastic packaging with your teeth, or chewing on tough objects like ice cubes.

To learn more about emergency dentistry, make an appointment at Urrutia Family Dental by calling the office or scheduling online today.