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If you have crowded teeth or a malpositioned jaw, orthodontics can ensure proper alignment and transform the aesthetic appearance of your smile. At Urrutia Family Dental, Dawson Urrutia, DMD, offers orthodontic treatment to adults and teens with Invisalign®. This cutting-edge treatment system is quick, effective, and more discreet than traditional braces. To make an appointment at the practice in Alma, Arkansas, call or schedule online today.

Orthodontics Q & A

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that diagnoses, treats, and prevents alignment problems affecting the teeth and jaw. There are several types of orthodontic treatment, but Urrutia Family Dental recommends Invisalign. 

Invisalign doesn’t straighten your teeth with brackets, rubber bands, or wires. Instead, it uses a series of aligners made of SmartTrack® –– a durable thermoplastic –– to put mild pressure on your teeth and jaw. Over time, that pressure improves their position, making your smile balanced and symmetrical. 

What types of alignment issues can orthodontics treat?

Urrutia Family Dental uses orthodontics to treat various alignment issues, including:

  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crowding
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • A malpositioned jaw

You might also benefit from orthodontic treatment with Invisalign if you have noticeable gaps between two or more of your teeth.

What does orthodontic treatment involve?

Before recommending orthodontics, your Urrutia Family Dental provider conducts an oral exam and takes 3D digital X-rays to assess the alignment of your teeth and jaw. If they determine you qualify, your provider takes digital impressions of your mouth with an intraoral scanner and uploads them to a computer design program.

Your provider uses the design program to develop a custom treatment plan that maps out the movement of your teeth and jaw. After finalizing your plan, they walk you through it and explain what to expect. Then, they send your impressions to an Invisalign laboratory that manufactures your first set of aligners.

During the course of orthodontic treatment, you visit Urrutia Family Dental every two or three weeks. At each appointment, you change into a new pair of Invisalign aligners. To ensure a positive treatment outcome, wear your aligners for between 20-22 hours each day, only removing them to brush and floss or eat.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

The length of time that orthodontic treatment takes depends on your adherence to the treatment plan and the severity of the issues in need of addressing. Most people who undergo orthodontics with Invisalign achieve their desired results between 12-18* months, but it may take longer.

When you finish wearing the aligners, your provider transitions you to a retainer. A retainer is a custom orthodontic appliance that prevents your teeth from moving out of the proper position.

Do I need to clean my Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign aligners collect plaque, food particles, and bacteria. To keep your aligners clean, Urrutia Family Dental recommends rinsing them in cool tap water several times a day and washing them with a mild soap and tap water at night. For more thorough cleanings, ask your provider about Invisalign cleaning crystals.

To see if you qualify for orthodontics, make an appointment at Urrutia Family Dental by calling the office or scheduling online today.